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Luhan in Die Jungs Photobook DVD

luhan’s tactics in the chair rally game

Q: If one day you’re not a singer anymore, what job would you like to have?

  • *people are being ruthlessly slaughtered and eaten by titans on screen*
  • me:look at armin
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    i know everyone is mourning eunbi, so i thought it would be nice to take a minute and look back on how lovely she was in life… it would be a shame for people to walk away from this only remembering her as ‘that one kpop idol that died in a car accident’ imo. so here are some nice things about Go Eunbi! if you have things to add, definitely go for it

    • she said in an interview that her dream was ‘to tell the stories of all ladies’. her greatest aspiration was to give a voice to young girls through her music.
    • she kept the first gift given to her by a fan in her bedroom
    • she was always cheerful and happy. you know how some groups have that ‘vitamin’ member? k-fans called her EunVitamin bc her energy was so contagious.
    • even when fans crowded her she’d greet them kindly. she’d talk w/ them and hold their hands as she walked.
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    Rest in peace angels ♡

    “When it gets tough and you miss me so much,
    I’ll be the wind and ease your pain...”
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    안녕이 가세요, 우리의 천사. 

    kwon risae, august 16, 1991 - september 7, 2014.

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    Double Take | do not edit.

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    We’ll always remember you, EunB & RiSe ♡

    CL at NYFW

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